Ochabawez Consider support to be an essential part of the whole service. We have a knowledge base in the support area designed to enable a significant decrease in ‘downtime’, and a problem until it is solved. We have a team of specialists who can interact with clients in a friendly and helpful manner at all levels of expertise. Our engineers are trained officially and certified by our partners to provide faster and better service to our customers all time.


The mission for Ochabawez customer support division is to provide high level support for the technology solutions and technical services that delight our customers with professional consultancy and support services, it is also our mission to craft a world class environment that attracts and retain the best talent in the business with total empowerment and rewards to engage our resources in providing the best technology services that can be built for our customers.


In support of our mission, our goal at Ochabawez customer support division is to offer the highest quality of services and professional consultancy that reflects a professional image to our customers that would encourage them in investing in technical support.

Our goal in to continue this excellence and to constantly renew the leadership of our skills and technical expertise, so that we can always bring the benefits on investing in support.


Our philosophy is to be highly customer focused, to be highly quality driven, and to provide our technical staff with an exciting environment and extra training in the area we believe that needs to be improved, in order to maintain the same level of expertise in our technical aspects, So we believe in consultancy renewing the expertise and energy of our staff, Customer Satisfaction is our # 1 imperative &

Employee satisfaction is our # 2 imperative, and of course we have strong belief in executing plans, our goal is satisfy customer and satisfy employee.

We believe that a successful bottom-line is an automatic side effect of the successful execution of our mission.

Ochabawez is investing in work force & training for existing staff and customers in order to provide our customers with professional services and support by improving our functionality and expertise.