PT. Ochabawez Dinamika Persada (“Ochabawez”) is an independent locally owned company, established as a multi-division organisation in 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The company is managed by a professional and highly experienced team focusing on fulfilling the technical and IT needs of major governmental, industrial and commercial potential of Oman.

Our mission, vision, goal and motto are entirely dedicated towards a successful long-term partnership with customers aiming to be partners in progress.

Our obligation is to provide the Omani market (Government & Corporate) with state-of-the- art Technologies, Support and Services.It has been an exciting time to be involved with the industry and we are looking forward to the coming years and being able to provide systems and products to meet the demands of the future

In our sales activities with solutions, we are frequently asked the question, Why should I buy a system or a product from Ochabawez?” It is a very legitimate question which we would be happy to answer.

  • To begin with, we offer various solid products that has been developed or sourced based on our years of experience in the industry. It works, and it works well. Our users tell us that it has contributed greatly to the success of their business and we think that is one of the highest compliments that we can receive. The products got to this level because we listen to what our user base has to say. In affect, our users are responsible for the success of the product because it is designed to fit their needs.
  • We are a teamwork company that works hard at building long-term relationships. Customers who signed with us in 2005, our first year in business, are still customers
  • We have a staff of dedicated professionals who understand your business. Many of them come from the solution industry. Our continuing training programs keep them up to date with technology as well as with changes in the industry itself. They are dedicated to getting your systems, hence you, up and running. We are proud of our entire staff because we think they are the best in the business and they work hard to keep this aim as well.


Building long lasting relationship with customers through excelled service and support along with investing on our employees seeking after loyalty of both.


Ochabawez is a full service company providing IT infrastructure, networking & data security, audio visual, communications and consultancy services expertise. It offers complete solutions customized to meet the generic and specific needs of the clients, and includes design, installation and superb after sales service.

Ochabawez does not compromise delivered quality and exceptional value for money, empowered by technical staff and expertise to handle projects of any size and scope.

Ochabawez believes that delivering cost-effective high quality products and services with outstanding after sales service will lead into total customer satisfaction and guarantee the long-lasting relationship with customers.

Our aim is to be one of the leading solution providers and system integrators with innovative initiative, unique offering, steady growth and regional presence supported by loyal customers and employees.

You progress and leave us the hard work. We love what we do. We work at making sure you will remain a loyal customer.


The philosophy behind every strategy and decision is to meet and exceed customer expectations by addressing his specific requirements and needs whenever necessary to tailor the offering to his environment.

  • We at Ochabawez endeavor to be reputable and a profitable organization as well as a leader in the unique information technology in Oman, this is our vision and goal. The same is not possible without the trust and patronage of our customers.
  • We believe that the future of the information technology lies in an integrated solution driven approach to computing and communication hence on the best interest of our customers, we have adopted to offer products and services aimed at enterprise wide integration based on the principles of Open Solutions.


World economy today is driving the market towards a flexible structure and electronic automated technology-ready organisations, high technology education, and a firm commitment to automate and right sizing.

For an automated system to be effective, it must reflect the culture and structure of the organization. Therefore, it is important to respect the established structure while adapting and developing procedures at the same time to ensure an optimal solution. An automated system must be capable to grow with the company and anticipate future technological development.


With a vision towards enterprise wide integration, we aim to provide an integrated suite of quality products and services to meet the varied requirements of our clients, our services can be scaled up from basic resource to full-managed services and products:

  • Consultancy Services.
  • Systems Design, Integration, and Implementation.
  • Software and Hardware Technical Support.
  • Out-Sourcing Services.
  • Infrastructure and Hardware Supply. Project Management.         

In the IT field, we consider ourselves as Solution Provider and Systems Integrator based on many hardware/software platforms, where we apply latest standards and techniques to implement open systems solutions based on Client/Server and virtualized architecture.

We have a team of developers/consultants dedicated to help and provide customized solutions based on our customer’s requirements.


Quality is a way of life at Ochabawez. The driving factors for the quality service at our company are built around Analyzing Customer Needs then Undertaking Proper Corrective Action(s) before Delivering the Solution.

Great emphasis has been placed on formalization of needs in all areas of operation enabling the organization to handle mission critical projects. We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality of services and products compliant with worldwide standards.


We believe in being a partner in the growth of the customer and to offer him state-of-the-art solutions, we believe in a long-term relationship than a short-term approach.


Ochabawez beliefs and recognizes that service makes the difference. We provide a full diversity of customer support services from definition process and implementation support, so that your start- up is successful, to Maintenance Services that protect your investment.

How has Ochabawez achieved the reputation of the premier service provider in our industry? We have 20 years of experience, so we know how to deliver quality hardware and software solutions. We have coupled that knowledge and experience with an extensive service organization. We train our people and fund our organization so that we can maintain our commitment to providing:

  • State-of-the-art Customer Support Service and on-going investment on enhancing the existing service.
  • A comprehensive suite of Service Offerings designed to improve the return on investment by reducing cost of ownership throughout the product life cycle.
  • Strategic technology and service partnerships that will provide local and regional support.


Every customer is different. Ochabawez provides a range of service options so that you can select the services that fit your needs. We are equipped to provide the following services:

  • Implementation Services.
  • Support and Equipment Maintenance.
  • Consultancy Services and Specialists ‘Out-Sourcing’ people Systems Design, Integration, and Implementation.
  • Turnkey Infrastructure & Data Center Supply.
  • Data center and virtualized infrastructure health checks.

With our experience and knowledge gained from projects implemented and executed successfully by our expertise, which they are equipped to offer the following services and solutions:

  • Datacenters Infrastructure
  • Networking Infrastructure, Cabling systems, VoIP Telephony. Disaster Recovery, Storage and Backup solutions.
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions. Servers and Desktops Virtualization solutions. Digital Signage and Telecollaboration systems.
  • Digital Multimedia Conference and Presentation Systems.
  • Turnkey Card Production systems.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected at all levels of Ochabawez activities.

  • In the solid customer relationship, we have built over the years. In the quality of our products and services offerings.
  • In the long-lasting relationship with our partners. In our people and their dedication to quality.
  • In the trust and honestly to customers.

Through its association with the best manufacturers in the industry and due to the care Ochabawez took to meet the specific market needs, along with the excellence of its services and products.

Our main objective to serve our clients in a professionalism manner, and we work hard to achieve that aim, beside this to be Trusted Partner hand to hand with our clients.


Ochabawez strength lies in its products, solutions and services offered and its dedicated staff for each product range. Our total office strength is 35 experts all qualified in their own respective fields, most of our engineers are certified by IBM, Lenovo, HPE, Microsoft, Juniper, VMware, Fortinet, and Nutanix.