Ochabawez Dinamika Persada Limited Company which is more often called Ochabawez is a company engaged in Information Technology. Until now Ochabawez has produced several pieces of software products and applications as well as implementing services with several companies and governments, among others.

Our services have been used and implemented in some of the above agencies as well as some and other government agencies over the past few years.

In addition to producing its own products, Ochabawez also serves several other service areas namely map making using aerial photography and satellite imagery, web-based applications and training.

Company Profile that we are prepared provide a complete information about corporate administration documents, software products, services and training, experts, equipment and company experience on various projects, as well as superior products that have been produced so far.

Our Vision
Our Vision As an IT business solution company that provides expertise and build value propositions to companies and organizations.

Our Mission
We help bring our customers to the 21st century and introduce them to solutions that will fulfill their business aspirations far beyond their immediate needs. All of our activities are based on our mission:

• Delivering quality IT solutions to customers on time
• Build a corporate image
• Increase shareholder value and mutual benefits for shareholders