In the past years, e-business have spread to every aspect of daily life. Only in a short time, both individuals and organizations have used information technology to increase productivity, maximize comfort and improve communication.

As an extraordinary spectrum in the information technology area, PT. Ochabawez Dinamika Persada (OCHABAWEZ) maintains a tradition of superior technical service and innovation towards quality and customer satisfaction.

OCHABAWEZ is an IT solution provider that provides expertise and is dedicated helping customers build value that will greatly increase the profitability of their business. We has realized that Information Technology is the key success for future business and has been implemented as the backbone of customer operations with several systems such as:

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligent (BI)
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Enterprise Applications Solutions (EAS)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
  • Content Management
  • Executive Information System (EIS)
  • Data Center

We offers a full spectrum of business consulting and technology solutions. All of this starts from assessment to maintenance. Our four-step business solution enables rapid deployment of projects with clear time for consumers benefit.

Business and Technology Assessment
Understanding customer’s business and its vision is a critical first step. Then work with our customers to clearly understand long-term goals, competitive landscapes, business processes, identifying business events, and the technology requirements. We create business & technical goals together with customers.

Design and Planning
After the final assessment is approved, we define function, technical, creative requirements, and build future business processes and function models for key success factors, and also build demos or prototypes to test our designs. After the structure design is placed and equipped with relevant information, interaction and interface design, we perfect the technology architecture and develop the content. We also build a project scope, budget, and detailed work plan.

Implementation and Integration
Implementation is an important process for fulfil goals, and we will only do what provides the best benefits to our customers. This is a philosophy that has different benefits for customers because it allows us to change strategic plans into systems that fully function and are handled professionally with

  • Focusing on technology
  • Planning commitment and providing a strong methodology. If needed, we integrate solutions with existing systems. We have an intensive focus on customers throughout the process into business scenarios.

Evaluation and Improvement
Our solution must meet high standards of performance, safety and reliability. We will monitor and analyze existing solutions that meets success criteria that we defined from the start. During this stage we also:

  • Measure and audit business improvements, implementing metrics, and system performance
  • Plan the company’s future business and technical direction
  • Maintain a new system for a certain period of time as technical support.

To meet customer satisfaction, there are 4 (four) things we do:

  1. Understand consumer requirements and maintain them in the right and appropriate knowledge base
  2. Develop ways to maintain their satisfaction by meeting their requirements.
  3. Ensure that our support is well accessed.
  4. Listen to customer opinions.