Technological developments have revolutionized lifestyles, patterns of work, how to do business, how to pamper yourself, and how to acquire the knowledge and information we have. Technological developments have had tremendous impact in all areas of people’s lives around the world. And technology still has great potential to benefit all parties.

Managing businesses in environments with high-speed technology today requires a clear vision, ability and willingness to adapt to the changes brought about by technology. Today the demands of a competitive business environment require rapid response at every level of the organization. This requires instant communication, good employee empowerment to manage responsibilities and the removal of conventional hierarchies.

The human, technology, and systems that manage the business can no longer operate as separate entities. To ensure free flow of information, every individual, department, and business unit, as well as every activity within these units must be interconnected with one another.

Information Technology has made a difference in doing business worldwide. This really changed the dynamics of business operations, for example the initially endless boundaries between nations now began to disappear through the revolution created by the explosive growth of information technology.

This allows companies to move from traditional to partially automated operations, and business process automation will enable them to achieve better efficiency and profitability. Tl has become a key determinant of business strategy for companies that continue to strive to improve their performance and gain a better market share in the global business arena.

IT opens doors to companies, not only to improve efficiency in their business processes, but also to open doors to markets that were previously perceived to be limited by firms because of their far-reaching geographical distance, thereby directly generating opportunities for doing business in a vast market.